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Sustainable employability day

It is important to Marel to provide a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment. By means of the ‘Samen Sterk’ program we offer employees the possibility to work on their own sustainability, now and in the future. The current collective agreements in the metalworking and electrical engineering industry (2018-2021) also pay attention to the theme of sustainability. The employee, for instance, is entitled to one paid sustainable employability day (8 hours per calendar year) each calendar year.

www.marelsamensterk.nl offers a wide range of activities you can use for working on your sustainability. If you prefer an activity focused on training, development or health outside the’ Samen Sterk’ program, please first consult Vera Theunissen (Sustainability Program manager) to find out if they are suitable activities. It involves activities with an impact over a longer period of time and not intended for recovery (resting and relaxing). Examples are (career) coaching, a course to stop smoking, a training on effective communication, a training for dealing with working pressure or a training on happiness at work.

The sustainable employability day is not one extra day off and is therefore not intended for activities that contribute to recovery, such as a day in the wellness, cycling, walking, or staying at home doing nothing. Hours that the employee spends on training and which are covered under the training policy of Marel, fall outside the scope of this day as well.

Using the sustainable employability day takes place in consultation with your manager and your department, if necessary. It is not necessary to use a period of consecutive hours. The time you spend on sustainable employability activities is part of the sustainable employability day and has to be registered under that activity in TimeTell.

Samen Sterk

Marel wants you to enjoy your work and to be able to cope with changes both in the world and inside Marel.  We have already been working with you on different areas to do with your well being and your future.  Just think of our programs on safety and educational possibilities or of our “Marel Healthy Together” program.  All this has now been brought together in a single program, “Samen Sterk”.

In concrete terms “Samen Sterk” consists of four themes

  Healthy Together

  Safe Together

  In Development Together

  In Balance Together

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“For that reason it is important for everyone to work together on our responsibilities. To remain “Samen Sterk” now and in the future! As an employee you have your own responsibility in this. As a company you offer the space and the means. As a manager you offer tailor-made support. In this way you complement one another, which makes the whole stronger.”
Anton de Weerd, Managing Director Poultry

Get to work

“Samen Sterk” will not happen by itself.  To feel happy in your skin and to be able to cope with changes in the world and inside Marel, it helps to work actively on the four themes of “Samen Sterk”.

You determine what you are going to do.  “Samen Sterk” will help you with this.  Under the heading “Get to work” you will see how Samen Sterk can support you.  The program is very varied.  Just think of training courses or workshops, financial help, a visit to the Company Doctor, some inspiration perhaps or some information.  Do you need some concrete advice?  Do the scan.

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