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Get to know more about the program, how it arose and how it is put together.

From Healthy Together

Towards Samen Sterk

The program “Healthy Together”started in 2012.  At its core were themes such as healthy food, sufficient exercise and a responsible lifestyle. Marel supported employees in working on their health with, for example, health checks, a website, meetings, competitions, workshops and training courses.

Marel wants employees to enjoy their work and to be able to cope with changes in the world and within Marel.  This means more than good health alone.  It was therefore necessary to take the next step; the “Samen Sterk” program started up in 2018!

The Samen Sterk program

Do you want to now what’s in Strong Together?  Take a look at the film clip.  Strong Together is about four themes which together ensure that employees enjoy doing their work.

  Healthy Together

  Safe Together

  In Development Together

  In Balance Together

Read more about these themes below.

"Marel Samen Sterk is something from all of us for all of us."
Bernold Leferink, Process Engineer

The Samen Sterk themes

You won’t be “Samen Sterk” on your own.  To be comfortable in your own skin and to be able to cope with changes in the world and within Marel, it helps to work actively on the four themes of Samen Sterk.

You determine what you are going to do.  Samen Sterk helps you with this.  Under the heading “Get to work” you will see how Samen Sterk can support you.  The offer is varied.  Think of training courses or workshops, financial support, a visit to the Company  Doctor.  Perhaps you need inspiration or information.  Are you looking for specific advice?  Then do the scan.


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Program information

Samen Sterk is a long-term program for employees made by employees. Its contents are put together by the program office which meets periodically. Together, the approach and content of each year’s program are determined and progress monitored. Those shown below are members of the program office:

Anita van Heiningen, Antoine Graat, Bernold Leferink, Gabby Nuchelmans, Harm Drouen, Julie Nillesen, Maaike Wichgers, Rob Holten, Rob Lennaerts, Sandra Duppen, Sjef van den Tillaart, Sophie Peeters, Tim Wester, Vera Theunissen and Vincent Smal.

To make us as ready for action as possible, smaller working groups have been created for the execution of certain parts of the program. Examples are a communications working group, a management Toolbox working group, a a Samen Sterk scan working group and so on. Besides one or two members of the program office, these groups will also include colleagues involved in the subject or wanting to contribute to it.

Besides the program office, there is also a Samen Sterk steering group, which meets two or three times a year to check the main thrust of the program and its progress and at the same time to approve budgets. The following are members of the program office:

Anton de Weerd, Gabby Nuchelmans, Julie Nillesen, Maarten Jan Stam and Rob Holten.

Do you have questions about the program?  Do you have some ideas or want to contribute to Samen Sterk in some other way?  Contact us by mail: samensterk@marel.com

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